SIUI SyncScan, Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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SIUI, is pleased to announce the launch of our latest ultrasonic flaw detector, SyncScan! SyncScan incorporates the latest advancements in high-performance Phased Array and TOFD detection into one compact and durable unit.

Upgradeable from UT to Phased Array or TOFD
SyncScan is an advanced ultrasonic flaw detector, which can be upgraded with Phased Array and TOFD to satisfy various inspection requirements.

Ultracloud Platform
Ultracloud platform is a perfect combination of SIUI original powerful processing technology and cloud service. ”Ultracloud” refers to the core technology of SIUI, the innovation derived from the interdisciplinary efforts of modern physics, biology, acoustics, electronics, computer technology and network technology. It breaks the limitation of traditional technology platform, achieves unlimited expansion of technical processing resources, improves processing speed of the system and optimizes resources allocation, so as to enhance the ability to adapt to future needs. It enables customers to obtain needed service with SIUI products anytime and anywhere.

Smart Wizard Makes Phased Array Simple
For many people, Phased array inspection is very tricky and complicated. However, SIUI smart wizard can change this situation and make PA user-friendly. To facilitate new PA operators, SyncScan carries calibration wizard and scanning wizard, which can guide operators to perform all the calibration procedures and imaging setup easily, therefore improving inspection efficiency.

Rich Functions to Ensure Higher Performance
SyncScan is compatible with special corrosion software for corrosion mapping and composite inspection, as well as weld simulation and muti-group scanning functions for weld inspection. Furthermore, simultaneous display of phased array and TOFD function can increase scanning coverage, decrease undetected rate and provide multiple means of judgment to avoid misjudgment.


P rate: IP65
Light Weight: 3.75 kg with battery
Large touch screen: 8.4″ LCD with resolution 800×600 pixels
Upgradeable from conventional UT to phased arrayTOFD thickness measurement with powerful & complete optional software functions.

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