SIUI CTS-30A Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge for NDT

Part #: NM01CTS30A


The CTS-30 aultrasonic thickness gauge, adopts micro-processor technology and advanced manufacture process design, can do measurement of thickness and acoustic velocity on metal and many materials based on ultrasound measurement principle.


Mono LCD (with backlight), 128 × 64 pixels

Measurement range: 0.03~12 – 0.8~300mm (Steel)

Measurement accuracy: 0.0004 / 0.004” – 0.01/0.1mm

Various measurement modes available: Minimum measurement value capture, average measurement value, setup limit measurement value, difference measurement value, etc.

Input the known thickness and the system may show the velocity of the inspected work piece in real time.

Up to 5000 sets of measurement data (refer to measurement value and acoustic value) and 100 sets of parameter data (refer to measurement value and system setup, etc.) can be saved.

Compact size, light weight, low consumption and long operation period.

Designed by Minima Studio

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