EchoPure™ EP-1: 1-gallon (US) 3.785 liter cubitainer

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EchoPure is an ideal couplant for very cold inspection (liquid gas piping and refrigerant lines) and will not frost or attenuate at temperatures as low as -60°F. EchoPure is excellent for high temperature use such as warm welds up to 350°F and on pipe in the desert summer sun, where slow evaporation and long inspection windows are desired. With its low toxicity, EchoPure is a good choice for inspection in food processing plants.

EchoPure is a water-free, water-soluble ultrasonic couplant that has a broad operating range, is slow drying and provides excellent transducer lubrication. It is low toxicity and environmentally friendly.


Operating range: -60 to 350°F (-51 to 177°C)

Four viscosities: fluid, low, medium and high

Environment and operator friendly: no formaldehydes, phosphates, silicones, fragrances, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, azoles, antimicrobials or fungicides

Safe: all ingredients are approved for incidental food contact

Slow drying: extended drying time

Water soluble

Excellent acoustic properties

Compatible with most metals, composites and plastics

Mild ferrous corrosion inhibition less corrosive than water alone

Removal: Wipe with a rag or water wash



  • Fluid: fluid viscosity for pumping and squirting
  • Low: low viscosity fluid
  • Medium: high viscosity fluid
  • High: stiff gel like fluid

pH: 8.0 nominal at 20°C

Operating Temperature: -60°F to 350°F (-51°C to 176°C)

Auto Ignition Temperature: 700°F / 371°C

Halogens and Sulfur: less than 50ppm

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