• Ultrasonic Single Rail Flaw Detector

    The UDS2-77 ultrasonic single rail flaw detector is a mechanized trolley intended for the inspection of one rail line.

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  • Eddy Current Flow Detector

    Eddy current flaw detector Eddycon C is referred to the testing and evaluation means.

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    Armed with the most reliable high power LED, makes this film viewer excellent!

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    Retaining the best features of the established veo phased array line, the new veo+ is designed to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, making the veo+ a smart and future-proof asset for inspections of composite parts, steel & austenitic stainless welds, structures or for corrosion monitoring.

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NOMO Group supplies equipment/instruments that are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, manufacturing, and automotive to consumer products. NOMO Group instruments contribute to the quality of products and add to the safety of infrastructure and facilities.

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